• It is advisable to have a patch test done 48 hours prior to procedure (pigment – anaesthetic)
  • Wear your normal makeup to your appointment so we can examine your preference
  • Please bring your favourite colour of lip pencil, eyeliner or brow pencil to the treatment
  • If your skin is delicate/sensitive this may well result in your skin reddening, it is advisable that you are not making any social plans for the same day
  • If your having your lips coloured or lined this will appear crusty for approximately a week
  • If your having lip liner /colour applied it is advisable you apply zovirax 5 days prior to procedure to minimise the chances of an outbreak
  • If your having your eyeliner or eyebrows tattooed, ensure these areas are tinted at least 48hours prior to cosmetic tattooing
  • If your having eyeliner done and you wear contact lenses ensure you do not wear your lens to your appointment and do not replace them until a day after the procedure
  • Eyeliner procedure may cause eyes to water and swell after treatment it may be advisable to have someone drive you home
  • Avoid if possible stimulant on the day of treatment such as tea/ coffee
  • If possible avoid alcohol a few days prior to treatment
  • Avoid the use of aspirin or ibuprofen for 7 days prior to your procedure

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